Iowa Women’s Wrestling Makes Historic Home Debut at Trailblazer Duals

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The University of Iowa's women's wrestling team is set for its first home event, the Trailblazer Duals, hosting three other NCAA Div. I teams: Presbyterian College, Sacred Heart University, and Lindenwood University. Head coach Clarissa Chun expresses excitement and nerves for the historic occasion, emphasizing the significance of representing women's wrestling in Iowa, a state renowned for its wrestling culture. Iowa intentionally invited the other Div. I programs to promote growth in women's wrestling opportunities. The team's preparation, including a recent road trip, has built anticipation for this home debut, aiming to showcase their skills and individuality. The event, featuring special recognitions and streaming on B1G+, holds high expectations for Iowa's women's wrestling inaugural year, with goals of winning the NCWWC National title and National Duals. Tickets are available for the event at

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Huge shoutout to the University of Iowa’s women’s wrestling team! The Trailblazer Duals sound like a groundbreaking event, and Coach Clarissa Chun’s passion is palpable. Here’s to a historic home debut and a season filled with triumphs for these trailblazing athletes!
Adorable wrestling milestones ahead! The University of Iowa's women's wrestling team is like a group of mini trailblazers, ready for their first home event. Coach Clarissa Chun's mix of excitement and nerves adds a unique flair to the upcoming historic moment. It's a mini powerhouse team, aiming to impress and leave their mark on Iowa's wrestling culture!

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