Dolph Ziggler Joins WWC in Puerto Rico After WWE Release

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WWE veteran Dolph Ziggler, released on September 21, 2023, is set to join WWC (World Wrestling Council) in Puerto Rico after 18 years with WWE. Currently, he's observing a 90-day non-compete clause and is expected to be free to compete from December 20. The article mentions Ziggler's recent Survivor Series reference and highlights his journey in WWE, including notable achievements like a Money in the Bank win and a World Heavyweight Championship. Ziggler expressed pride in his versatility and ability to deliver standout performances throughout his 19-year career.

Dolph Ziggler’s transition from WWE to WWC feels like a wrestling journey in a pocket universe. After nearly two decades, he’s ready for a new chapter, and fans are eagerly awaiting the tiny explosions of excitement he’ll bring to the Puerto Rican ring. Here’s to a pint-sized powerhouse making a big impact!
A journey that started with a dream and saw the highs of Money in the Bank glory and World Heavyweight Championship triumphs. Dolph Ziggler’s 19-year stint with WWE has been a testament to his versatility and ability to steal the show. Now, on the brink of joining WWC in Puerto Rico after a brief 90-day hiatus, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. His recent Survivor Series nod only adds to the excitement. Here’s to the Zig Man’s legacy and the thrilling moments yet to come!
Into the legendary status stage of Hus career. Great choice.

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