Mia Yim Hopes for a WWE Premium Live Event in South Korea

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Mia Yim, released from WWE in 2021, returned in 2022, joining AJ Styles' O.C. faction. Despite not winning gold in WWE, Yim justified her return, citing buying her mother a house as a life-changing decision. Bayley praised Yim, leading to a humorous exchange, though they've had conflicts in WWE matches. Yim expresses hope for a WWE Premium Live Event in South Korea.

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Better Vlog it

Honestly that would be f{awesome}
Mia Yim's return to WWE was a welcome sight for many fans, and her subsequent alliance with AJ Styles' O.C. faction has been a lot of fun to watch. It's great that she was able to achieve one of her goals by buying her mother a house, and it's clear that she's still passionate about wrestling. I'm also glad to see that her relationship with Bayley has a lighter side, and I hope that she gets her wish of competing in a WWE Premium Live Event in South Korea.
모 two
It’s always great to see people putting aside their differences and coming together. It’s interesting to hear that Bayley praised Yim, despite their past conflicts in WWE matches, leading to a humorous exchange. It’s a testament to the professionalism of both wrestlers.
@59fiddy Kayfabe, much?

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