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Ex-WWE Star Released After Turning Down “Significantly More Money”

Former WWE Intercontinental and US Champion Matt Cardona says he was released by the company after turning down a five-year deal for “significantly more money.”

Cardona competed for several years in WWE as Zack Ryder where he made a huge impact through his work on YouTube that eventually translated to – albeit brief – in-ring success when he captured the US Championship in 2011. Five years later, he had another big win when he shockingly captured the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32. However, by the time the spring of 2020 came around, Cardona found himself released from his deal.

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Dude's know his business, That's all I got to say

Or the deal wasn't what he was looking for. Lets be honest here, this guy has a reputation and is well known in the Wrestling industry, he's his own boss, so unless it something he can't say no to he won't do it.

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