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Tiffany Stratton's WWE NXT Character Inspired By Paris Hilton

It hasn't even been two years since Tiffany Stratton signed with WWE, let alone debuted on "NXT" as the ultimate "daddy's girl. But ever since she walked in the door, Stratton has been fast-tracked as one of the rising stars, not just in "NXT," but WWE as a whole, with her rich girl persona. But where did the idea for this version of Tiffany Stratton come from? She revealed the source of her ideas on a recent interview with the "Under the Ring" podcast.

"I definitely have some inspiration from movie characters, like Sharpay Evans from 'High School Musical,'" Stratton said. "I love Paris Hilton, I love her style. But, for the most part, I've kind of just created my own little sayings, like 'Tiffany's Epiphany's,' or 'Tiffy Time.' That's all kind of just been me coming up with things, and all of my outfits, my gear," she continued, "it's all me coming up with the concepts, and trying to figure out 'How do I get my character across when someone just kind of looks at me?'"

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